Alan Tarama

Alan Tarama

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Alan Tarama

Device Developer rate sensor system according tospecifications Middle East.

Another advanced technologies and scientific studiesconducted and designed after a lot of testing and research.

A specialist and programmer for thedetection of gold and silver coins and old paper. It was designed and programmed so that is not affected byheat and

rocks and soil salinity and deals with the soil temperature of 32 to155 degrees.

Specifications andtechniques of the device

• specialized to detect metal goldand silver coins and old paper.

• depth of 9 meters under the groundeffectively.

• Front Range 200 meters.

• Works on the sensitivity of remotesensing system.

• rate in accordance with thespecifications of the Middle East is not affected in any weather conditions.

Parts and componentsof the device

• sponge bag of cardboard containingall the the device accessories.

• The main unit is composed of theoperating key and chose the metal to be searched for and easily selected beforeyou start searching.

• bars and sensors.

• user’s Guide .

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