Gold scope X3

Gold scope X3

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Gold scope X3


The society  MOROCCAN WATER FINDER  Introducing the latest sensing technology for your Gold scope X3

Now you can get a better and smaller detector for gold and silver, at a very attractive price

Gold Scope X3 device ease of use, accuracy of performance, lightness in weight, ability to detect long-term with select the desired dimension, the ability to identify the detected depth of the target, the ability to identify the type Of metal to look for, LCD screen can work on them with ease and clarity. We are pleased to provide these specifications to our customers' customers the latest device for providing remote sensing radar in lesol of (gold - silver)

Gold ScopeX3 specialist device to detect the following materials: gold - silver.

Specifications and techniques of the device:


  • Depth of 9 meters under the ground.
  • Front Range 400 meters max.
  • Determine the type of metal.
  • The depth of the target is determined and the surface area detected centimeter.
  • Weight 600 grams only device.
  • Long-range laser light to determine the lens wear and easily detected.
  • Crystal clear screen for work and easy choices and clear writing.



The working method of the Machine:


Gold scope X3 device Easily operates on where the detection of (gold or silver) is defined by a key to control the type of material to After determining the device of the type of metal to send and receive private metal frequency detector to a selected distance term and the depth of 9 meters in the ground.

Gold scope X3 device from the pride of the modern Turkish industries to the endurance and ease of use and its small size and accuracy of results and it is resistant to the elements of the soil to dry, moisture and igneous and basaltic rocks and also made experiments with the machine by the processors to prove the quality of their industry before it is put on the market.

The components of the machine:


1. The device detects: gold - silver.

2. device up to a depth of 9 meters below ground effective and accurate.

3. determine the possibility of depth and surfacecmeter.

4. Front range of the device to 400 meters and allows you to select the desired distance and work on it.

5. The device is equipped with a red laser light to facilitate the discovery and identification of the target placefully.

6. key to select the type of material to be exposed

(Gold) or (Silver).

7. Digital LCD screen with lights.

8. The weight of the device 600 grams

9. Easy to use and capable of any person working on it.

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