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Klayzer Max 2D Klayzer Max 2D is one of the gold detectors using two-dimensional technologies.
It is a multi-purpose device with outstanding performance and it is perfect to mine gold, ore gold, and old coins.
Own this futuristic piece of technology -Klayzer Max 2D- and easily find gold and hidden gold particles hidden underwater and the soil. These particles may weigh up to one gram.
Klayzer Max 2D device is a multi-purpose device that depends on a colored screen and an easy operating system.
Our device is one step ahead of our competitors in terms of depth, ability to use, easy installment, and operation.
Klayzer Max 2D has earned the love and admiration of many gold miners due to the amazing operating system and steady performance on extended depth.
Klayzer Max 2D is supplied with 2 oscilloscope curves with 2-dimensional colored screens.
Thanks to this feature the device can process the result and display detailed drawings on the screen that show the discovered gold and metals and its position.
Klayzer Max 2D is developed to serve the miners and searchers for gold and to give them accurate results in the

shortest time possible.

Features of Klayzer Max 2D:

  • Double ground recognition
  • Instant 2D visual representation
  • Amazing discrimination feature
  • ID Numerical Value
  • Gap Detection
  • Depth Detection
  • Iron Exclusion Feature
  • Water Resistance Feature
  • Dark Environment Mode
  • Mineral Screening System
  • Modern Practical Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Foldable Screen
  • Multi-Language System

Klayzer Max devices can be calibrated easily calibrated with the ground soil either with manual or automatic settings.
In this way, the miners can guarantee optimum performance even in difficult terrain and hard soil.
The new Klayzer Max 2D has solved the problems of equilibrium in the older generations.
The double recognition feature whether manual or automatic has made soil recognition more practical and easier for the user.

Klayzer Max shows you the results on the screen display by instantly drawing them in 2D figures.
This way you can find your target a lot easier.
Klayzer Max 2D is the best device in its class in terms of instant 2D visual representation.

Klayzer Max offers to you the best discrimination quality on the market.
This outstanding ability is introduced in 4 different ways which are written, spoken -audio-, numerical, and colors.
This ability makes Klayzer Max 2D a high-quality gold detector, it searches for metals underground then processes the data and presents it to you as soon as possible with high accuracy on the device’s screen.
Our device will save you time by showing you only the valuable treasures form underground.

In addition to 2D drawings, coloring, writing, and voice. The device also differentiates for you between valuable and invaluable treasures according to a numerical value, which is the ID.
Klayzer Max 2D will enable you to determine the targets of your search using the numerical value.
This technology is a must in any recent detector.

Besides metal detection, Klayzer Max 2D can determine gaps and find caves, shelter, cellars, and spaces in the form of 2D drawings or writing on the screen.
The device also offers the features of gap test mode that decreases the margin of error to a minimum value while detecting gaps.

Klayzer Max 2D is perfect and already covers all your needs. It can detect the underground goals to a depth of up to 3 meters with high accuracy.
Klayzer Max 2D shows the depth of the target in “cm” on the screen.
Klayzer Max is an excellent device for in-depth computing in its class of devices.

Klayzer Max 2D offers the ability to exclude iron in searching with a single click.
This provides the miner with a better opportunity to search for the wanted metals by dismissing iron and iron-containing metals.
This is a very simple but effective and practical feature to find your target metal easily.

All the parts of Klayzer Max 2D are water-resistant. It can work underwater up to one meter in depth.
This allows you to easily mine in beaches and river banks. It also helps you to change the environment easily between the land and water. You can work in humid environments as well with no worries.

Klayzer Max 2D allows also searching for gold and metals at night and in dark caves as well.
This feature is thanks to the lightening of the search area with two bright LEDs situated behind the screen.

Klayzer Max 2D offers an advanced system for metal screening (MSS).
This system allows the miners to work on mineral lands which is a great dream for every miner.
The device is able to detect changes in the elements of soil and uses its high mineral elimination feature to give a stable performance in mineral lands.

Klayzer Max 2D is designed upon the latest technology in its class.
The device is lighter and easy to use, many people say it is ergonomic than any other device in its class.
Klayzer Max 2D weighs only 1.6 Kg. It will allow you to work with it for long periods without getting tired.

Klayzer Max 2D is a user-friendly device for both amateurs and professionals in this field while offering all premium features.
It is the easiest detector to use with its colored screen and multiple languages.
The device offers a friendly interface and easy menus that help the user and eliminate error inputs.

Thanks to the foldable screen in Klayzer Max 2D it makes the device smaller and can be carried easily in backpacks.
It also protects itself against external environments during the time of operation.

Klayzer Max 2D is used all over the world so it is ready and supplied with 5 international languages.
The user can choose anyone and use it as the device language.

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