Proradar X2


New version of product : for easier controls, no joystick is needed anymore; scanning process can be started directly on the deviceThe PRO RADAR X2 is a high end scanning solution powered by a smart high-energy battery that offers much more power to the device. It goes much deeper than our X1. X2 allows you to detect buried objects and structures deep into the ground down to 20 meters. It’s 25cm magnetometer antena includes 2 smart-sensors for very accurate scans of the underground.It also includes a second 30cm gradiometer antena that allows you to scan in any direction you want and that offers better results on cavities and larger objects.Contrary to X1, our X2/X3/X4/X5 models are compatible with other PRORADAR magnetometer (4, 8 or 16 sensor) and gradiometer antennas. Adding an antenna with a higher number of sensor enhances resolution and performance as the quality of the antenna greatly influences the overall result you get from your scan. Please refer to coils and accessories section to see what sensors and upgrades are available.
X2 like all our radars is controled by a tablet PC that includes a multilingual 3D software developped by our engineers that offers a detailed analysis of the scanned area. Just enter the dimension of the area you want to scan and start analysing what’s below your feet ! If you choose gradiometer antenna, You do not need to keep north or south in your back like it’s the case for other systems on the market, you can scan any direction you want. You can scan automatically or manually (you add the number of rows and their lenghts) and may also choose between parallel or zigzag area scans. This is set up on the control box. The results appear on the tablet PC, you can then determine which king of target you encoutner wether it’s a void or metal. You can even see if it’s iron or not.
You may also save scans in the memory and later transfer them to your computer. We have developped our own 3D software, however you can use 3rd party softwares such as Voxler ones. It’s backed by a 2 year warranty and comes in 4 languages : english, german, arabic, turkish and spanish.
Why buy the X2 ?

  • Scan for metal and cavities up to 20 meters deep
  • Manually or automatically scan
  • Parallel or zigzag area scan
  • Comes with 2 antennas
  • 2 smart-sensor 25cm antena offers high resolution picture of the underground
  • 30 cm gradiomter antenna
  • Device is controller by tablet PC, no need for remote PC
  • DRS 3D custom software comes in 8 languages: english, german, arab, turkish, persian, french, italian, russian
  • Easy to use, no need for complicated settings
  • Wireless control unit (Bluetooth technology)
  • See the depth and nature of the detected targets
  • Gives you tips to make the difference between iron and non iron targets
  • Save scans on your tablet or transfer them to computer

Pro Radar X2 comes with :

  • 2-smart sensor 25cm magnetometer antena
  • 30cm gradiometer antena
  • 3 part shaft with tablet mount
  • Tablet PC with Windows
  • Installed DRS 3D Software
  • Optional VOXLER 3d software
  • Smart battery system
  • Automatic and manual data transfer to PC
  • Store up to 16 high resolution scan in memory
  • Tablet PC Charger
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Lithium Ion Battery Charger
  • DRS 3D custom software comes in 8 languages: english, german, arab, turkish, persian, french, italian, russian
  • Headphones
  • 2 Year Warranty

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