Proton Elic Smart


Economic Capability

It can scan up to 10 meters depth and a range of 250 meters. Depth may vary depending on the device position and conditions.

It can be easily run and scanned directly with the (Start Stop Command). It Carries a Large Area of 3d-4d Image to Computer Screen Within Seconds. It Has Quite Simple To Use And Consistent Data.

Room Tunnel Passages Underground Shelters Buried Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) Other Weapons and Ammunition Detection Ground Recognition Before Archaeological Excavation In Many Underground Investigations such as Ruin Detection, Pipe Cable Detection for Industrial Purposes It is Suitable for Use in Many Areas such as Water Leak Detection

Superior Positioning

Usage areas

Hobby Purpose (Treasure Detection)
Archaeological Pre-Excavation Detection
Industrial-Cable Pipe Detection
Law Enforcement-Buried Weapon-And Body Detection
Military Tunnel Shelter Ammunition Mine Detection
Search and Rescue (Umke-Afad etc.)
Search and Rescue After Fire

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