Pulse Star II Pro


Metal Detector depth for the detection of metallic masses.

TB Pulse Star II Pro is a professional tool suitable for the detection of large metal masses located at great depths, able to work in mode MOTION and NO-MOTION.
Small metal objects such as nails, coins, bottle caps are automatically skipped by the Pulse Star II Pro, which detects objects of a minimum size of 10 x 10 cm, only thanks to the plates optional, can detect small objects.
The control box is equipped with analog display, which indicates the nature of the metal (ferrous or non-ferrous).
The cot is made from eight plastic pipes can be dismantled, transported into the backpack.
Pulse Star II Pro lets you browse extremely precise on any type of surface, including mineralized soils and shorelines.
The TB Pulse Star II Pro is a metal detector designed specifically for the search of large metal objects at great depths. The command box is connected to a cot size 1 m. x 1 m., which provides strong electromagnetic pulses. Thanks to the size of the cot can quickly inspect land very extensive. Small metal objects such as nails, coins, paper foil, bottle caps will be automatically discarded by the metal detector, in such a way that it can detect only objects of a certain size, in fact the minimum object must have a width of about 10 cm. The Pulse Star II Pro allows to understand the type of metal detected up to a certain depth, in fact if the metal is very conductive (such as silver) the lancet located on the box command moves towards the zone of nonferrous alloys (right), while if the object very conductive (iron) the lancet moves towards the zone ferrous (left).
The cot research can be divided into eight tubes and weighs only 1.7 kg. Power is supplied by a rechargeable 12 V 1.2 Ah.

Standard equipment
• Case in ABS with Control Box, Battery charger, Manual.

• Branda 1 mt. x 1 mt. with 8 plastic tubes.

• Tape for Branda 1 mt.

Optional Accessories

• Plate research by 45 cm.

• Telescopic pole for plates.

• cylindrical probe for the control of wells.

• Plate research by 25 cm.

• Probe Universal 8 meters in circumference.

• Branda from 2 mt. x 2 mt. with 8 plastic tubes.

• Charger 230 to 120 V.

• Charger with 12 volt adapter.

• solar battery charger housing.

AVAILABLE Optional accessories for Pulse Star II Pro:

• Branda research 2m. x 2 m. broken down into eight parts.
• Plate research by 25 cm.
• 25cm cylindrical probe. long x 2.5 cm. in diameter.
• Probe Universal 8m. in circumference.
• Battery charger 12V car.
• Solar battery charger housing.
The cylindrical probe is properly indicated for the inspection of wells and pipes. The two plates of search are very useful in the case where the search space is limited, while the cot from 2m. x 2m. It is ideal to be able to search faster.

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