Alan Tarama Cihazı Marduk Scanner


Marduk Scanner 3 antenna area scanning device with a new screen from field scanning device models. Since 1999, it has been at your service with nearly 60 detector models, field scanning devices and underground imaging devices from its 2-storey store in Istanbul Üsküdar Altunizade. For more detailed information, you can get information from customer representatives.

The field scanning device Marduk scanner is designed differently from the Bionic field scanning devices and has been made very practical to use with its special mixing mechanisms and screen display three antennas. Marduk field scanning device is a pre-discovery and detection device for finding gold, bronze, bronze and burial chambers and tunnel entrances with magnetic fields up to 200 meters.

The marduk scanner, which has different features of field scanning devices, offers the opportunity to adjust the frequencies on the screen display according to the frequency range you want, that is, it offers the option of setting the frequency you want from 0.1 to 9.9 apart from automatic search modes. Marduk scanner can find valuable archaeological treasures such as gold, bronze and bronze in the chamber tomb and cube from 100 meters to 200 meters away.

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