Carat Scale (PCS-100n) مقياس قيراط


The new and improved PCS-100n measures gemstones up to 100.00 carats and no longer needs to be calibrated each time the scale is shut off

The Presidium Carat Scale – 100n utilizes advanced circuitry design and surface-mount technology to weigh diamonds & precious gemstones up to 100.00ct precisely, for long periods of continuous usage. Each scale comes with its corresponding weight reference of 100.00ct/20g for calibration.

This compact and portable scale no longer needs to be calibrated each time the scale is shut off and can also be powered by a USB adaptor.


  • Weighing Capacity: 100.00ct/20g – PCS-100n
  • Division Size: d=0.002g/0.01ct/0.05gr/0.001ozt
  • Weight mode selection (carat, ozt, grain, gram)
  • Tare/Weight function
  • Automatic calibration with 100.00ct/20g calibration reference included
  • Powered up by 4 x AAA batteries or USB adaptor (optional item)
  • Energy-saving auto power shutoff function of 10 minutes after last measurement
  • Low battery indicator


  • Weighs gemstones up to 100.00ct
  • Take precise and professional measurements to 0.01ct/0.002g
  • Does not need to be calibrated each time the scale is shut off
  • Clear and visible digital display for ease of reading measurements
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Light and portable scale that can be used anywhere


Power & Battery

4  AAA alkaline batteries

USB port to be used with USB cable and appropriate Presidium Universal USB Power Adaptor


Recommended Operating Conditions

Operating temperature: 18°C-27°C (65°F-80°F)

Storage temperature: 10°C- 50°C (50°F-122°F)

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 152mm (5.98 inches)

Width: 110mm (4.33 inches)

Height:41mm (1.61 inches)

Weight (without batteries): 210grams (7.40oz)

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