Digital Eliminator for LRL


This is a method for detection of treasures, water and ores. It is known that that heterogeneity in the Earth’s layers changes the electric field of the latter.
Treasure Finder PRO is a sensitive indicator of changes in the Earth’s heterogeneity. It can also be used to detect ionizing deposits in pottery ware, glass, plastic, wood, dry sand, clay, leather and other insulation materials in which precious metals are buried.
When gold, silver, platinum, copper, etc. are placed in pottery ware, they form in themselves an ionic field. When this ionic field builds up in the containers, the voltage thins out several times a year. Very often, people see this phenomenon as a flame of bluish, reddish or yellow-bluish colour. The flame has a shape of a pillar, a sphere or a spherical sparkling. Sometimes, this phenomenon repeats twice and three times for a few minutes with an interval of several seconds to several minutes or more. This electronic field differs in voltage. Foreign press materials say that this voltage reaches several hundred thousand volts to several million volts. This high voltage is generated by positively charged ions that penetrate into the ground and charge like a condenser pottery ware, glass, leather, wood and other containers full of precious metals. Then the container is charged by powerful transmitters, earthquakes and thunderstorms. Treasure Finder PRO is a highly sensitive receiver which detects the mentioned anomaly from distance and makes it possible to find a container with coins which is buried deep in a normal or metal-contaminated environment. As we all know, the operation of standard metal detectors in metal-contaminated environment is poor, as these terrains are complex and difficult to operate on. Treasure Finder PRO’s electronics is designed to receive positive and negative ions. It is equipped with sound and LED indicators with different colors, indicating whether positive or negative ions have been found.
The working depth of the device ranges from 1 to 6 meters and from 1 to 20 meters frontward, depending on the size and voltage of the object.

• High and low search sensitivity adjustment
• Frequency adjustment
• Polarization adjustment
• General sensitivity adjustment
• Field sound indicator
• Polarization red and green LED indicator
• Battery life: 20-30 hours depending on the battery
• Battery type: 9V (optional charger and battery)
• Weight: 400 g
• Casing length, without the antenna: 190 mm
• Warranty: 2 years

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