GOLD X-FINDER detector


Ionic Long Range Locator by GDI

X-FINDER gold detector is a digital, ionic long range locator with ground balance function for mineral rejection. 

X-Finder offers the choice of 10 factory metal frequency modes plus free mode to scan for other frequencies.

GOLD X-FINDER is a digital, ionic long range locator with the choice of 10 factory frequency modes to detect gold, silver, iron, lead, aluminum, copper, bronze, diamonds, water, cave/voids. Additionally there is a user mode where the frequency can be set manually, to scan for other elements or experimenting with metal alloys.  The selected frequency is displayed on the LCD, it is not locked and it can be altered on every mode for an accurate and precise location.  For example use your gold alloy sample target  as a “bait” and roll through the frequencies until GOLD X-FINDER locator reacts only to your target.  These user frequency settings are stored automatically in memory. Detection range and depth are also adjustable. Depending upon target size and user skill, ranges 300 to 2500 m. and depths up to 6 m. are achieved

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GOLD X-FINDER detector is ultra-user friendly, with the screen as a visual feedback of all selections and constant monitoring of the battery voltage level. GOLD X-FINDER long range locator consists of the main unit, antenna and handle that can be assembled in a few seconds and stored into a carry case with foam inserts &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;for all the detector parts. Power on is automatic when the handle is attached. This is a very light and sensitive gold detector, since the moving part that senses the target signal and locks towards its direction is only the antenna and not the heavier main unit, unlike on competitor devices. Target signal features also an audio alarm indication.&nbsp; &nbsp;GOLD X-FINDER detector has been designed with the latest microprocessor technology with a firmware that can be updated and constructed using high quality materials.&nbsp;&nbsp;<span style=”font-size: 14px;”>Το avoid false signals due to the ground mineralization, GOLD X-FINDER features an auto Ground Balance function. As soon it has been powered on, sweep repeatedly GOLD X-FINDER, to sense the ground mineral samples of the area, until it adjusts and rejects them.</span>


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