Golden-Rod groundwater detector


Golden-Rod groundwater detector
  • Model:
    Top-selling version: ADMT-300HT2. Other options: ADMT-300H, ADMT-300HT3, ADMT-800HT2, ADMT-800HT3, ADMT-3000HT3
  • Features:
    Available in depths of 100M, 200M, 300M, 800M and 3000M. Completely wire-free, adaptable to all terrains, single operator, can measure on the back. It can be operated wirelessly via mobile phone, tablet PC and dedicated control unit

Completely wireless:Highly integrated mainframe, sensors, completely wireless, single person operation, unrestricted by terrain and ground.

Smart Interaction:Operation via wireless connection to mobile phones, tablets and dedicated control hosts for 5 – 10.1″ touch screen operation.

Automatic charting:Automatic display of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and curved effects and operating interfaces.

Intelligent and precise:Electromagnetic probe and MN electrode optional, patented technology, precise and intelligent.

It is a highly integrated IOT intelligent water finder that solves the problem of wiring and cable pulling of previous water finders. The mainframe, TT sensor, MN electrode, battery and wireless communication module are highly integrated into a φ7cm ABS tube, which resembles the legendary Golden Band. It can be wirelessly connected to mobile phones, tablet PCs and special control hosts to control and automatically form maps. The golden band has a built-in lithium battery and can be measured when switched on, without a single connecting wire, realising full wireless operation. The TT/MN switchable measurement, 40 years of iterative research and development, high performance data acquisition module and digital filtering intelligent algorithm, strong anti-interference, accurate data, stable and reliable, and depth adjustable, the site quickly draws two-dimensional, three-dimensional and curve effect analysis results.





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