OKM eXp 4500 Professional



  • All-arounder: OKM’s detector for multifunctional subsurface detecting
  • Measuring Depth: With this technology customers found objects up to 21 m (69 ft) deep – check our references
  • Use cases: treasure hunting, natural gold prospection, cavity detection
  • Operating modes: Ground Scan, Pinpointer, Mineral Scan
  • Detectable objects: treasure chests, cavities, tunnels

3D Ground Scanner for Treasure Hunting and Gold Prospection

Ground scanners like the eXp 4500 allow treasure hunters of all levels – beginners, experienced and professional users – to detect buried treasures in depths that common metal detectors are not able to reach. The multifunctional treasure detector can locate buried relics, ancient artifacts, lost treasures and natural gold minerals.

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