Pimax 2 Ayrımlı Pulse Dedektör


Pimax 2 is a PULSE SYSTEM metal detector capable of detecting metal and void. With its advanced Pulse system technology, it works on all kinds of ground without loss of depth.

With the Ground Analysis Mode, we brought a new dimension to the pulse system deep search detectors.

The most important feature that distinguishes the Pimax 2 Metal Detector from the detectors of the same class is that it can detect metal and space at the same time. Thanks to this system developed by us and first used in Pimax 2, all kinds of voids that are passed through can be detected while searching for metal. In Ground Analysis Mode, 2-dimensional graphs are drawn on the screen simultaneously. Metal detection, metal discrimination and gap detection are made visually with the resulting graphics. Pimax 2 is the first and only treasure detector where these 3 processes are performed at the same time.

Superior Discrimination Performance

With its microprocessor and special separation algorithm, Pimax 2 is able to make metal separation more precisely, and it succeeds by far ahead of its competitors. Detected metal is divided into 4 groups as non-precious small metals, gold or metals with the same reaction, non-precious metals and precious metals.

Note: Pimax 2 distinguishes with all titles.

We combined our field experience with the depth advantage of the pulse system.

Thanks to our continuous R&D studies and natural field trials, we have managed to raise the bar in terms of depth. The improvements we made based on the pulse principle make the Pimax 2 ahead in deep metal detection.

Stable Work

We paid attention to the fact that the detector is not working (unstable), which is one of the biggest problems of detector users. Pimax 2 works stably thanks to its special software, it does not give unnecessary signals even in mineral and salty soils and does not make wasted excavation.

Light and Durable

Pimax 2 detector is designed for all terrain conditions.

** Telescopic coil carrying handle made entirely of carbon fiber,

** Dust and water drop resistant front panel

** Main unit lightened by using long life lithium-ion batteries


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