Pimax 3 Pulse Dedektör ve 3D Yeraltı Görüntüleme


Pimax 3 and Pimax 3 Pro, the new version of Pimax 2, which has managed to become one of the most preferred detectors among users with its superior features and unrivaled price, are here with many new features and equipment.

Pimax 3 Pro is an Android software supported PULSE SYSTEM metal detector capable of detecting metal and void. With its advanced android software and Pulse system technology, it works on all kinds of ground without loss of depth.

Everything You Need Is In This Device

Pimax 3 Pro is the first and only detector that combines pulse, magnetometer and 3D underground imaging systems with android software support.

Cavity and Metal Detection on the Same Screen

The most important feature that distinguishes Pimax 3 Pro Metal Detector from detectors in the same class is that it can detect metal and void at the same time. Thanks to this system developed by us and first used in Pimax 2, all kinds of voids that are passed through can be detected while searching for metal.

Detector Meets Android

Pimax 3 Pro offers Pulse Detector and (3D) 3D Underground Imaging System in one device thanks to its special android software. You can manage your detector from your mobile phone or tablet computer. You can save your 3D underground images and locations to your mobile phone.

3D Underground Imaging System

Pimax 3 Pro creates 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional underground charts simultaneously and separately with the developed underground imaging system.

Superior Discrimination Performance

With its internal microprocessors and special separation algorithm, Pimax 3 Pro is able to make more precise metal separation, and it is far ahead of its competitors. Detected metal is divided into 4 groups as non-precious small metals, gold or metals with the same reaction, non-precious metals and precious metals.

Pimax 3 Pro reveals its difference in the field of separation distance with the Triple Rod Bars, which are used for the first time in Pimax devices and developed entirely by Megatekno Elektronik.

Note: Pimax 3 distinguishes with all titles.

Depth Detection

Pimax 3 Pro calculates the depth of the detected metal and writes it in cm on the screen.

Wireless Connection

The tablet pc and the main unit, which connect wirelessly with Bluetooth technology, provide the opportunity to use up to 10 meters.

Stable Work

We attach great importance to the fact that the detector is not working (unstable), which is one of the biggest problems of detector users. Pimax 3 Pro works stably thanks to its special software, it does not give unnecessary signals even in mineral and salty soils and does not make waste excavation.

Light and Durable

Pimax 3 detector is designed for all terrain conditions.

** Telescopic coil carrying handle made entirely of carbon fiber,

** Sturdy and light aluminum main unit




** Main unit lightened by using long life lithium-ion batteries

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