Proton Elic LB Norton


The newly designed elic wonder lb norton is 10 times more reinforced than other models and on the other hand, its thermal sensor has been upgraded with 64 pxs and has a solution and resolution 64 times better than standard models. Norton sensor is automated with a good (analyzer) circuit and the resolution is highest. Thanks to the thermal sensor 64 pxs reader digital eye, it carries a very large area to the screen in seconds with the start-stop command as if it takes a photo.

Another great feature is that thanks to the (-lidar-) sensor, it can take you to the side of the target from the distance of eye contact 40 before the target, which is a miracle for making perfect punctuation. With the GPS internal antenna, the location, latitude and longitude of the target on the map can be recorded on the PC. This allows you to stay on the PC with the target’s coordinate and find the target’s location on google maps.

Proton Elic Lb Norton precision detection is the only product in the world that has no precedent in high resolution metal plus space detection. Elıc has been developed in long-term research results, about soil structure and in good ground conditions, metal room tunnel wall from 7mt depth to 50mt depth, as well as the ability to clearly locate and half the non-metal objects, as well as the soil structure and good ground conditions, from 150mt to 1000m range (1 KM) can scan a long range very comfortably.

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