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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODbcnqc_2_4&feature=emb_titleIf you are unable to travel in the field due to difficult to use, bulky detectors, if you want a deeper detector than the detectors sold because it detects deep, if you want high quality in the product you will buy, you are looking for the right product. 3s Plus is a detector that will give you a unique field experience with both normal use mode and ground mode. If you want, you can detect metal from depths that will surprise you in normal mode, or you can easily use it by removing mineral in ground mode. You can also have 3D underground imaging and gradiometer and underground structure imaging features. Very easy to use, ground mode, very high depth, everything you expect from a pulse detector is available in our Pulse 3s Plus model. Pulse deep search detector, underground vision system and gradiometer. Pulse 3s Plus Gradiometer is the only product in the world to offer all of these together. Contact us to have a product that combines all these. Enjoy 3D underground imaging with the pulse detector. You will notice that you have never used a detector that detects this deep.

1-Very high ergonomics:

3s Plus provides very high ergonomics in small metal detections in 32 and 45 coils, in deep searches with a square head like 1 × 1 or a kite head. Thanks to the carbon-aluminum arm, very small main unit and durable battery, it does not tire you in the field and does not cause any problems.

2-High quality materials and production:

It offers you a long-lasting use with its carbon-aluminum handle, durable battery, charger that cuts the electricity when the battery is charged, quality earphone, bag and quality coils.

3-Abundant Equipment:

3s Plus has 5 heads, including 16cm, 22x29cm, 45cm 1×1 square heads and kite heads. In addition, 3d underground imaging and gradiometer sensor can be used if desired.

4-Very easy to use:

3S Plus has a patented one-button ground adjustment feature that can be used very easily by even the first time detectorists. For the use of the detector, it is sufficient to open it with a single button and to make ground balance with the same button.

5-High Depth:

With its 3S Plus Pulse Induction technology, it has the ability to detect metal from a very high depth. Separately, high depths can be obtained for large and small targets with various size heads.

6-3D display and External Gradiometer:

3S Plus can be obtained with 3D imaging and underground structure detection with gradiometer, if desired.

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