Pulse IB


It’s time to step up in Single coin and Bulk money searches!
If you need a detector that detects deeper than VLF in single coin and collective money searches, if you are looking for a detector that is not affected by the soil and does not lose depth according to the soil structure, if you are tired of detectors that lose depth in mineralized soil, do not detect under stone, if you want a stable detector that is not affected by stone and brick, this product just for you. Pulse IB is a special product that allows you to search with very high stability and very high efficiency due to its high technology. With its easy use, high stability, and high depth, you will get a higher yield than ever before in the field. You will be surprised as you remove metals from places you have completely cleaned

* With Pulse technology, it can detect from depths that VLF detectors cannot reach and it does not experience depth loss in any soil structure. It can detect under high mineral stones or bricks.

* In environments where VLF devices do not work, it can detect metal from deep and smoothly

* It makes metal separation thanks to its DD coil and notifies the user with a voice. It breaks the sound in worthless metal.

* With its 7000mAh internal Litium-Ion battery, it provides a very long field use.

* It is long-lasting with its high-quality handle, headset, battery and other equipment.

* It is affordable due to its 100% domestic design and production. There is also a very easy technical support.

* 1 KHz operating frequency 32cm DD header.

* Easily detecting bottom signals with Threhsold sound.

* Very easy to use with only mineral adjustment potentiometer.
Attention, The product is for professional coin seekers!with other detectors before and you will say that you have not used a proper detector until now.


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