OKM GeoSeeker



  • Geoelectric water and cavity detector: Determines the ground resistance up to a depth of 250m and visualizes the measured values in 3D
  • Depth: Customers found water up to 250 meters – check our references
  • Use cases: water detection, cavity detection, geotechnical engineering
  • Operating modes: Geoelectrical scan
  • Detectable objects: water deposits, water-bearing gravel, cavities

Water detector and cavity detector up to 250 meters (820 ft) depth

Are you looking for underground water resources or hidden cavities up to depths of 250 meters (820 ft)? The GeoSeeker is a professional geoelectrical water detector and cavity detector that measures the ground resistivity and visualizes its scan data in incredible 3D graphics. It is a very mobile and easy to operate geoelectrical detector designed and manufactured in Germany.

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